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Frequently asked questions

Dental implant surgery involves the placement of an artificial tooth root, often crafted from titanium, into the jawbone. This implanted root serves as a stable base for supporting a replacement tooth or a bridge.

Dental crowns are designed to last a minimum of 20 years, and in many cases, they can endure even longer. Replacement is typically unnecessary unless there's a material failure or if decay affects the tooth-crown junction. It's important to note that the need for replacement is often related to tooth structure problems rather than crown issues.

A dental bridge is a solution for one or more missing or damaged teeth. It can be either fixed, meaning it's a permanent fixture, or removable, allowing for easy removal. However, it's worth mentioning that when it comes to long-term quality and durability, dental implants tend to surpass other treatments.

Dental restoration includes procedures aimed at addressing various dental issues such as missing, decayed, weakened, or fractured teeth. Examples of these procedures encompass fillings, crowns, implants, bridges, and dentures. If you're experiencing any dental problems, it's advisable to consult your dentist for appropriate guidance.

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